My thesis explores realism and feminism in contemporary theatre in Britain, focusing on theatremakers including RashDash, Alice Birch and Katie Mitchell. It revisits the feminist critique of realism that dominated feminist theatre criticism in the 1980s and 90s and rethinks it in relation to the forms of twenty-first century theatre. My key research questions investigate the forms and meanings of realism in the twenty-first century British theatre, and, crucially for my selected plays which all engage with gender, how realism relates to concepts of gender norms and binaries. The thesis contends that, instead of being an impediment to questioning gender (as the feminist critique of realism argues), elements of realism might be essential to how these playwrights and theatremakers go about questioning gender.

At Oxford, I established and co-convene the Theatre & Performance Studies reading group, which provides an interdisciplinary intellectual home for theatre researchers across the university. I have organised well-attended speaker events with playwright Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, and Dr Emma Whipday, and co-organised a day symposium on collaboration in contemporary theatre. I am Postgraduate Representative for the Theatre and Performance Research Association.