My plays are driven by an urge to represent women-led narratives and LGBTQ+ experiences. I like to experiment with form. I have developed my playwriting with Spread the Word, Ovalhouse’s Adult Company, Soho Writers’ Lab, the North Wall Art Centre’s TheatreCraft residency and Menagerie Theatre’s Young Writers’ Workshop. You can find extracts of some of my work below. I’m always open to hearing from potential collaborators – get in touch.

Current projects:


AndromedaFinal_FB Banner

Graphics: Soofiya


Ashling O’Shea and Rosie Gray in rehearsal at Nottingham Playhouse. Image credit: Fraser Youngson.

Director Charlotte Vickers and I received Arts Council funding to develop our queer adaptation of Euripides’ fragmentary tragedy Andromeda, exploring myths, stars, falling in love and coming of age. Following a period of research and development, a scratch performance of the play was shared as part of Amplify Festival at Nottingham Playhouse. A full production of Andromeda is planned for Spring 2020. Read more about the play here and the how it was made here.

(Quiet) Gay


I was one of 10 emerging artists chosen for Spread the Word/ Nick Field’s Pow! live literature programme of workshops. I am developing a solo show, called (Quiet) Gay, about the relationship between queerness and social anxiety, and performed a ten minute extract at a showcase at Royal Vauxhall Tavern in September 2018.

Past projects:

This Much I Know

this much i know image

Child prodigy Eadie has achieved everything her mother wanted her to. Her elder sister, Naomi, is comparatively the family ‘disappointment.’ As the two sisters start to reconnect, they begin to question the way that they were raised. Blending the format of a gameshow with naturalism, This Much I Know explores the pressures the education system puts on young people today.

Developed through the North Wall’s Theatre Craft residency and on Soho Writers’ Lab. Performed in the OUDS new writing festival, February 2018, directed by Cesca Echlin.

‘demonstrating an imaginative grasp of the intricacies of the human heart that suggests the sky’s the limit in future for this very considerable talent’, Oxford Daily Info

Script extract

Canon Warriors


Punch and Fleur are the premier feminist puppeteers in Thanet. Then again, Thanet isn’t exactly a hotbed of subversive puppetry. It’s hard to pinpoint what stands in the way of them and their hand puppets, Dog and Sid, defeating the male-dominated literary canon. Could it be their attempts to heat a beach hut in November? The man from Thanet District Council, who just walked in waving an eviction notice? The ‘creative differences’ brewing between the puppeteers themselves?

Comic and tender, Canon Warriors navigates the erosion of a lesbian relationship. It is a play about finding a place – to live, to create, to love – in a hostile political climate.

Performed at the Edinburgh fringe 2016 and as part of the Oxford University Drama Society new writing festival 2016, where it won the award for Best Production. Directed by Ell Potter.

‘a brilliantly crafted piece of new writing’, Three Weeks

‘So funny, so poignant, and so brilliantly clever’, Oxford Opening Night

Script excerpt



Historical drama based on the life of transgender American civil war veteran, Albert Cashier. Performed at the Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford in February 2016, directed by Anna Hagen.

‘a fascinating story handled beautifully’, Oxford Daily Info