Review: Anatomy of a Suicide (3 years on)

  It is June 2017 and I have just broken up with my girlfriend. I have tickets to see Anatomy of a Suicide but I decide, from the title, that it would be too heavy for my raw emotions. My girlfriend goes to see it and calls me to talk about it. She says it is wonderful. … Continue reading Review: Anatomy of a Suicide (3 years on)

Review: Dirty Crusty by Clare Barron

Originally published by Exeunt Magazine.  VICTOR Why does she let him go? SYNDA Because she loves him And she forgives him VICTOR That’s a fucking terrible story SYNDA (laughing) I know VICTOR I hate it Synda shrugs. SYNDA It’s old And you know… It’s love Synda, a ballet dancer, is talking to Victor, a mask … Continue reading Review: Dirty Crusty by Clare Barron

Reimagining Andromeda: practice research collaboration

Originally published by TORCH How do you adapt an ancient play, of which only fragments survive, for a modern audience? This was the research question that I set out to explore in my reimagining of Euripides’ Andromeda, along with theatre director Charlotte Vickers, and colleagues Martina Astrid Rodda and Dr Marchella Ward from the Classics … Continue reading Reimagining Andromeda: practice research collaboration