Andromeda: Reflections on unproduction and new growth

Rosie Gray and Nina Singh in Andromeda at Camden People's Theatre, July 2021. Set design by Verity Johnson. Photo by Alex Powell. Originally published by TORCH Andromeda, written by me and directed by Charlotte Vickers, is a queer reimagining of Euripides’s play of the same name. It constellates fragments from the Ancient Greek (in a new … Continue reading Andromeda: Reflections on unproduction and new growth


Reimagining Andromeda: practice research collaboration

Originally published by TORCH How do you adapt an ancient play, of which only fragments survive, for a modern audience? This was the research question that I set out to explore in my reimagining of Euripides’ Andromeda, along with theatre director Charlotte Vickers, and colleagues Martina Astrid Rodda and Dr Marchella Ward from the Classics … Continue reading Reimagining Andromeda: practice research collaboration